Factory Registration No.: 41804

Food Waste Collector Registration No.: FWC-011

GREEN ENVIORMENTAL KITCHEN RESIDUE RECYCLE LIMITED was incorporated on 06 Auguest, 2013 in Hong Kong.  Our factory is located at Lot5, DD95, Fong Kong Shan Road, Ho Sheung Heung, Sheung Shui, N.T..  We provided the collection and delivery of food waste service since 2013.


Pure Botanical Sanitizer - 100% natural!!


Safe to Gently Use Every Day

Ready to Use with No Dilution Need

Certified by STC TEST REPORT

Bitanical Sanitizer

This natural disinfectant contains highly advanced botanicval extracts.  It improves indoor air quality by actively breaking down formaidehyde and destroying odour-causing bacteria, eliminates smoke, excreta garbage, body and pets odour, disinfects and deodorise lavatories, personal items and public area.  This formula can be naturally biodegraded and extremely safe on all surfaces.  It is odourless and non-hazardous to environmental and user.


Spary directly Using Spray bottle

Shelf Life: 2 Years Date Printed on Bottle

Made in Hong Kong


Aloe Vera, Turpentine, Matrine, Saponine, Neem Seeds, Water

3600ml  Bottle - HKD1,880.00

200ml Spray bottle - HKD168.00

50ml Alcobol-Free Hand Sanitising Foam - HKD58.00

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